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This project is to provide Wikinews' Accredited Reporters with Wikinews Reporter Identity Cards, or Press Cards. These cards are to be renewed periodically in order to prevent misuse of the cards by former / no longer accredited Wikinews users (i.e. they will have an Expiry Date).

For the avoidance of doubt: This is not a proposal for the WMF to start "vouching for" or being responsible for our Accredited Reporters.


I propose that the Wikimedia Foundation provide funding and/or the means to have these cards produced professionally. The cards would have appropriate security features, be of high quality, and a standardised design.


Wikinews has, for a long time, had a team of "Accredited Reporters" - users who have garnered enough trust in the community to be listed on n:WN:CV and to be "vouched for" by other members of the Wikinews community. Originally, this was envisioned as people phoning a telephone number and providing a couple of pieces of information to verify a Wikinews AR was who he/she said he/she was. This phoneline was never used, and has since fallen out of service.

The Accredited Reporter scheme currently provides nothing but a "title" for established users - it garners no special privileges or powers. However, this proposal aims to change that, as when users become accredited, they will be issued with a Press ID, or WARI Card (Wikinews Accredited Reporter Identity Card), that can be used as a proof of status within the community. These cards will bear a few pieces of information:

  • User's Full Name
  • Region of Origin
  • Project Name (English Wikinews)
  • Project URL
  • Title (Community Accredited Freelance Reporter)
  • ID Number
  • Passport-style Photograph

I envision that these cards will significantly increase the number of and quality of original reports on Wikinews. Original Reporting is a unique thing to Wikinews - one only paralleled by Commons. However, it is often difficult to get "behind the scenes" or behind cordon lines without a press ID. By having a professionally produced ID card, it will eliminate the need for - sometime fruitless - explaining of position or presenting of a home-made card.

Key Questions

  • Should we require people to formally identify themselves before we create a Press ID?
  • Should we wipe clean our Accreditations and start fresh if/when this is implemented?

Potential Costs

Option 1 - ID Bureau Service Option 2 - In-House Printing
Card Cost (per card)
$5 (E)
Shipping Costs (per card)
$2 (E)

Cost based on 100 cards
$700 (E)
Misc charges (setup, extra shipping, contingencies etc)
$300 (E)

Total requested (p.a.)
$1000 (E)
Printer cost
$1750 (E)
Card Costs (per card)
$1 (E) Includes ink cost
Shipping Costs (per card)
$2 (E)

Cost based on 100 cards
$300 (E)
Misc charges (setup, extra shipping, contingencies etc)
$200 (E)

Total requested (initial)
$1750 (E)
Total requested (p.a.)
$500 (E)

(E) indicates an estimated cost

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