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Please also see Wikijunior, a currently existing project.

Summary and Importance

Wikipedia for kids,will be a separate Wikipedia where children will find articles regarding their education. Why should we create a separate Wikipedia exclusively for kids? Because the current English Wikipedia or even the Simple English Wikipedia, does not match the viewpoint of Children.



The Kids' Wikipedia or Wikipedia for kids will be maintained in the state of a Seperate Language Wikipedia or as main sisterproject such as Wikiversity. This will be in either or

How must Kids' Wikipedia look like?

The kids' wikipedia must be out of the normal classic view of Wikipedia to which the children will surely be not attracted to. It should be full of colours,with animations and sounds. It must be easy to access,and edit.


The responsible adults can edit this page.Why do I use the word RESPONSIBLE ADULTS? Just because children should not be miseducated! There will be a problem,how to choose these RESPONSIBLE ADULTS. The Wikimedia foundation or the Board of trustees will not be able to do this,but the editors themselves. Anyway,the administrators can have a seperate policy on maintaining this Kids' Wikipedia,and large attention of anti vandalism supporting editors will be in need. The editors must always keep in mind that they are calling to the future of the world with their articles.


The Kids wikipedia should run at least by the 6 main languages in world. Probably, English,German,French,Italian,Arabic,Chinese08:38, 22 June 2011 (UTC), Russian. Why should we do this? Its because all the children who are in search of knowledge will not english speaking.It's even better if we can expand it into several languages. A problem?? Of course, you'll think "This man is foolish, we couldn't even make the main Wikipedias with different languages perfect,then how should we make a Kids Wikipedia in different languages?". It's of course problem! But there is a saying,"Try,try one day you can fly!"

The Usage of Words

Articles of the kids wikipedia should not be in difficult words. This is because children may be bored at those difficult words,mainly non-english speaking children. Further, the article must be interesting and should be in a conversational manner.

The age limit

The Kids Wikipedia must be for the children under 12 yrs. The more senior children can access the main site,where they will be able to get knowledge they want. This will be way to reach a broad audience also.


A banner asking the editors of the main site to contribute their article in Kids Wikipedia will be useful. Such as "Please be kind enough to present your knowledge for the upliftment of the Future. Please edit the Kids Wikipedia in this topic"


Key Questions

Potential Costs

  • The Wikimedia foundation will have to pay more attention on this project.
  • The editors will have be more alert when they are contributing articles.



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