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I don't understand the concept of clubs in this proposal. There is only one Wikipedia (with versions in different languages as translation occurs), right? How does the club structure fit into the information architecture? If an article is edited by a dozen people in a dozen different clubs, which club is the article "counted" towards? Very confusing! (C. Bush)

Just share the knowledge and skills:
  • What we do in order to improve communication
  • What we do to attain better quality of articles
  • What we do to increase the article count
  • What we do to attract users
  • etc.
Huge Wikipedias have some (common?) problems, smaller wikis have other problems. All wikis have different ideas to improve projects. We want to share knowledge about our wikiworks with others. Przykuta 20:01, 27 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]


I have written this proposal as an idea which everyone can extend, add some reasoning etc. I think that there should be some approval from the top in order to fully start a project like this. Anyway, pressiure could be sort of "exerted" on the decision-makers when we develop, support and translate this proposal.

I think that we shouldn't be awere some huge costs of international meetings in club. At least it could be semi-formal meetings. Based on something like this: someone is going to other country (in his purposes), contact with natives, maybe some other people from near "neighbourhood" will come, and this is meeting in club. They will discuss about something, have some conclusions, report some propositions; next there will be a report, which they put in appropriate category "Meetings" (or something like that) and it goes like that. There will be some advantages from meetings and discussions, other people will learn something new, get new ideas, start appropriate action...

Of course there could be special arranged meetings: a few guys from Germany, Netherlands and France want to meet; they don't have any problem - drive cars, meet together, talk, set something, maybe make a party :)

Everything could be coordinate on Meta-Wiki in appropriate categories. I will be able to see categories (platforms) of exchanging informations:

  • General discussion about whole project functioning with thematical subcategories (specific actions, initiatives)
  • Meetings; started with 2 subcategories:
    • bank information about planning departures of members which help to planning and coordinating meetings
    • reports from meetings
  • Asking for help (substantive, technical, economic) - category for smaller Wikipedias from outside of the club

Wikipek 08:56, 30 September 2009 (UTC)[reply]