Proposal talk:User pages should work more like social networking sites

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improving user experience through social networking

Go to and other asia stuff media localized social networking sites to have a look.

It is kinda like a social wiki as it is... By improving the individual user experience, and allowing them to customize their page with personal information / design outlook, we can help wiki to have a growth explosion.

Live chat and private messaging through wiki combined with a twitter-like option will make online scholarly collaboration much more effective.  

I am not a programmer, but I know this would call for at least a partial overhaul of wikiversity. But what is a university without the "dorm" where students can do what students always do?

I think this proposal is really good. I would have a personal page similar to a social network service, and a lot of people can migrate from Facebook to Wikipedia encouraged of this aspect. --Aushulz 01:58, 23 October 2009 (UTC)[reply]