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    This page is about categorization of research around Wikimedia.


    (Research focused on content users)

    • Usage
    • Usability


    (Research focused on contributors)

    • Usage
    • Usability
    • Motivation
    • Social Networks
    • Collaboration and Group Decision-Making

    Knowledge and Information Management

    • Wikipedia Concepts and Categories (Ontologies)
    • Distribution of Information and Information Growth on Wikipedia
    • Pragmatics [Meaning and Definition Related Disputes and Resolutions on Wikipedia]
    • Knowledge Management on Wikipedia
    • Encyclopedistics
    • Lexicography
    • History of Wikimedia projects

    Wikimedia Applied Research

    • (All research aimed at improving various features of Wikimedia projects.)

    Wikimedia and the Outside World

    • (Research related to wikis, collaboratively built knowledge, collaborative communities, free knowledge, free culture etc.; as well as research related to collaboration of Wikimedia and non-Wikimedia projects.)


    (Technologies and software.)

    • Users
    • Contributors
    • Knowledge and Information Management
    • Wikimedia applied research
    • Wikimedia and the outside world
    • Miscellaneous


    • (uncategorized, new, etc)