Restyled Report Card

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There are several ideas to restyle the Report Card.


Ideally some day (in not so near future) the report card will

  • Draw data from a dedicated database, with feeds from other tools, comScore downloads etc.
  • Generate html and charts completely automated (now severals scripts, Excel, imaging tool and quite a bit of manual work are involved)
  • Be flexible enough for any user to request ad hoc variant reports through a simple interface

Level of detail

The current reports are already too detailed for at a glance overview at managerial level. In order too address this the idea is to rename current reports to 'appendix', and put one sheet in front of it with about 7 smileys each covering a broad area, and short texts to explain why a smiley is orange or red rather than green. Only if all processes that contribute to a smiley are on the right side of a threshold a smiley will be green. This is tricky because everything important should be included and a fine balance between over- and under-alerting has to be found.