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From Strategic Planning

Ensure Wikimedia runs a high-quality web site and operation

Wikimedia’s unprecedented experiment in mass collaboration and global knowledge sharing has created a vital reference source that is the fifth most visited website in the world.

The Wikimedia Foundation is young and has grown quickly, but it has limited capacity to meet the needs and leverage the talent of its community of volunteers and supporters, let alone carry out core operations.

A primary focus for the next five years must be to make significant investments to ensure ongoing viability and relevance of the projects, including:

  • Basic (but significant) investments to improve site performance, tech operations, and the core user experience
  • Collection and usage of key performance data to drive continuous improvement
  • Increased excellence in fundraising and financial management
  • Expected impact of these investments: Wikimedia meets the core performance requirements that the public expects from a top five website and rules out risks to its viability


Movement Roles

Wikimedia Foundation

The Wikimedia Foundation plays a narrow, but vital role supporting the infrastructure for the projects, including maintaining the servers, leading the development of MediaWiki software, and raising funds to enable financial independence.