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Strategic Plan 2010-2015/Sequence of activities

From Strategic Planning

For the Wikimedia Foundation: Preliminary sequence of activities and 2010-11 annual plan implications

  1. Investment in stabilizing the site infrastructure (e.g., predictable and secure public and private backups, improved API functionality and stability, improved site performance), including establishment of an additional US-based data center providing fail safe over capability
  2. Investment to realign technology operations to fulfill the requirements of the strategy including site operations, user experience development, quality labeling and vetting tools, volunteer developer community-building, MediaWiki platform development, mobile and offline development, data analytics and Foundations operation support
  3. Investment in fundraising infrastructure to support increased community giving
  4. Build staff capabilities and systems to facilitate and coordinate the work of volunteers including first-responders (to readers, BLP article subjects, prospective volunteers, media, donors, etc.) and other important roles
  5. Investment to build data systems and management processes that support data driven decision making
  6. Build the organizational leadership team, HR support, management processes and systems to prepare the Foundation for the sustained growth required to implement the five-year strategy�
  1. Launch team dedicated to continually improving the Wikipedia editing experience at the interface level
  2. Establish global program support (monitoring and supporting volunteer-driven initiatives that advance the mission, including chapter programs)
  3. Creation of a position dedicated to development of new chapters or other organizational models, with focus on priority geographies
  1. Creation of a team dedicated to on-the-ground volunteer mobilization in three high priority geographies
  2. Creation of a team supporting mobile and offline product development and related strategic partnerships