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Starting point

Is this the main working page for the group? Yes.

Clarity, working tools, and the user experience

Bhneihouse stated the medium (Liquid Threads) was impeding the process: - "multiply the frustration I am feeling 100 fold for a newbie who might wish to contribute... we are losing all those who cannot function in this medium. How about people with disabilities? How does quality control affect them? ... I see what is happening right here on this page as part of the problem".

She asked how people could interact with information more efficiently, what Wikipedia interface(s) would take different means of interaction into account, and how to streamline this or address demographic groups such as the disabled who may have different ways to approach information, editing, contributing.

Most taskforce members seemed to agree that Liquid Threads (currently in development) was not ideal but that it was the status quo and offered help; some liked it a lot.

Bhneihouse felt let down by being given beta collaboration software for this task and noted she and others would assume they were being given high quality collaboration tools to work with. Clarity of direction and clear foundations were not provided -- and were not being provided elsewhere in the project either.

FT2 commented that "we should sit down with a blank piece of paper and ask 'what should the Wikipedia experience be like': - I'm a new user, how should I be guided and introduced? I see a problem, what should my experience be? I'm a fanatic on something, what should my experience be? (ie, how should I find myself gradually being brought to a halt)". Bhneihouse strongly agreed.