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    • A comment has been received on the conclusion that the automated addition of compiler technology is prohibitively costly and prohibitively risky was received. it has been moved here: "until you realize that people have been undertaking similar risks for years at [1]"
    these tools appear to be manual tools, which either interact via the wikipedia "API" (e.g. bots) or they are manually used by users, for example to convert HTML to wiki format etc. i don't see any tools which are run actually on the wikipedia servers, for example to convert from (insert-high-level-programming-language-here). i don't see any way that arbitrary user-written PHP code is allowed to be run on the wikipedia servers, for example. so - thank you for the comment, but it is not relevant to the discussion (unless i have missed something). Lkcl 10:04, 23 October 2009 (UTC)
    • A comment has been received which appears to make demands on wikipedia has been moved here: "Wikipedia Server resources must therefore be allocated to compile the source code into binary format. This is probably feasible in view of typical CPU idling reports on [2]."
    feasible yes: desirable, absolutely not. just because something could be done does not automatically qualify that it must be done. Lkcl 10:04, 23 October 2009 (UTC)

    Comments on the observations here

    A comment has been received which deserves consideration and further investigation: "Perhaps those who believe wikisophers to be elitist should look around at what has been developed for typesetting recreational mathematics. The machine there takes code that resembles terms that players are familiar with, compiles those instructions as curves, then displays them in formats that are compatible with most browsers. In other words, it is being done, so perhaps the main question is whether a sophia: prefix, like with wikt: prefix should exist to distinguish recreational mathematics from the encyclopedia proper. The other option (putting wikisophia compilers on the encyclopedia) would be to effectively put games on the encyclopedia."

    wikitex looks _great_ - absolutely great. wish i'd heard about it earlier. extensions to use gnuplot, state diagrams, physics equations, greek, music - i'm deeply impressed. here's the thing: none of these extensions are _remotely_ similar to adding a compile-farm to take "arbitrary" java, .NET or actionscript source code, for compilation into a binary that is to be run in the user's browser. Lkcl 19:31, 22 October 2009 (UTC)