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Better content will come from better conduct020:46, 22 January 2010

Better content will come from better conduct

Although it may appear that guidelines like NPOV. SOAP, NOR etc. are the key to good content, that is debatable. As guidelines, they are helpful in setting goals for articles, and certainly can provide the focus for good discussion. However, they are widely misused.

One misuse is the attempt by administrators to enforce these guidelines when they patently have not the expertise to do so. They then are lobbied by the most vociferous Talk page participants and simply favor one side or another in an unenlightened fashion. Instead, they should focus upon enforcing behavior that leas to true discussion. For example, strict and unbiased support of CIVIL, NPA, DIS and so forth. If constructive discussion takes place, the content will evolve.

A second misuse of content guidelines is as ammunition to pelt viewpoints that some participants don't like. Any use of POV, SOAP, NOR etc. should be forced to present diffs that back their use, and they should not be bandied about as unsupported pejoratives to squelch argument. This kind of misuse is readily identifiable, and administrators should act promptly to discourage it.

In short, the major emphasis should be upon catalyzing useful discussion by beating down the Jerry Springer Show tactics presently evident on Talk pages.

20:46, 22 January 2010