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Synthesis of Analytics requirements



A session is when a user comes in from an origin, performs a bunch of actions, and then "leaves". While performing these actions, the user is in various user states. A session is a collection of user states ordered based on what the user did.

User History

User history is a collection of sessions a user has, grouped by either username or cookie.

User State

A user-state has properties, such as

  • membership to a particular wiki project
  • geographic location
  • various 'bucket' settings
  • user settings
    • eg installed tools, user groups

Page/Page group

A page/page group is a history of edits. They have page events that happen over a series of time, such as

  • being protected/unprotected
  • being viewed
  • being edited
  • being reverted

Each of these is done by a user in a given user state.

What we have entirely

  • Page "events" other than page views

What we need

  • Page views for all pages of interest that can be broken down by user-states
  • Creation of user-states, saving/ascertaining information about a user as it changes over time
  • Sessions, session tracking


Rather than having a user history, we can approximate events of the 'recent past' with a user's current settings/classification