Task force/Arabic Task Force/IRC meeting - 20091219

    From Strategic Planning
    <aude>	*** start logging ***
    <shipmaster>	so
    <shipmaster>	one of my questions
    <shipmaster>	regarding the recommendations
    <shipmaster>	that we are supposed to produce
    <shipmaster>	is their scope
    <shipmaster>	how much detail should we include, the questions seem to be very broad
    <shipmaster>	some are open ended like 4 and 5
    <shipmaster>	?
    <Amgine>	Generically, the recommendations should be fairly broad.
    <Amgine>	They shouldn't be about implementation, but about higher goals.
    <aude>	i think we can provide some background info, but ultimately we are to provide recommendations specific to what the wikimedia foundation could do to address them
    <shipmaster>	ok
    <aude>	the recommendations don't have to be very specific, but general is okay
    <shipmaster>	ok, so
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    <shipmaster>	question 1 we can easily provide reliable research on,
    <aude>	agree
    <shipmaster>	question 2 is something that I can give my opinion in based on my wiki experience, but it's something
    <aude>	i did start question pages
    <aude>	http://strategy.wikimedia.org/wiki/Task_force/Arabic_Task_Force/Internet_use
    <aude>	and added a few that i think tie in, and can provide relevant background
    <shipmaster>	that we probably either need to research more or reach consensus on
    <shipmaster>	ok
    <aude>	i'm not sure if the questions i added are good, and we can change them, add or delete them
    <aude>	for question 2, i think opinion is okay
    <shipmaster>	i think they are fine, I guess that question is needed to provide background
    <aude>	we can also reach out to other Arabic Wikipedians for opinions, and even outside of wikimedia
    <shipmaster>	that's what I was thinking
    <shipmaster>	that will also be very useful
    <shipmaster>	for 3,4 and 5 about the extent Wikimedia can help and how
    <aude>	it might be possible to put together an informal survey, send out an e-mail to the arabic wikipedia list and/or put up a watchlist notice on arabic wikipedia asking for input
    <shipmaster>	i think we should do that
    <rima>	that's great idea the survey will help
    <shipmaster>	I can put the survey in the watchlist notice and the mailing list
    <shipmaster>	when we agree on its content
    <rima>	ok
    <shipmaster>	there is also
    <shipmaster>	a satellite community
    <shipmaster>	that we can tap for ideas
    <aude>	started a page: http://strategy.wikimedia.org/wiki/Task_force/Arabic_Task_Force/Survey
    <shipmaster>	Google is working on a project with Wikipedians in Egypt
    <shipmaster>	to use the google translation tool to create 6 million words worth of translations
    <shipmaster>	there are a lot of student volunteers that only participate in this project
    <shipmaster>	are we interested in involving them?
    <aude>	is there a link about the project?
    <aude>	it sounds very interesting
    <shipmaster>	hmm lemme look
    <shipmaster>	http://enrichwiki.net/index.php?title=??????_????????
    <shipmaster>	they also recently expanded to include people from King Saud university in Saudi Arabia too
    <aude>	thanks
    <shipmaster>	I am involved with the project (not as much as I would like though)
    <shipmaster>	but if we perceive we need them for something I can help
    <shipmaster>	or if we want to involve them
    <rima>	yes good idea
    <aude>	i think so, i think they would be interested
    <rima>	I agree
    <shipmaster>	ok then I will email their mailing list about it
    <shipmaster>	invite them to join the discussion
    <aude>	if you can think of any questions related to the five main ones, please add them
    <shipmaster>	I can also put any possible developments so that everyone is up to date
    <aude>	shipmaster: i saw your answer to question #1
    <shipmaster>	like for example I can put links to the effort to create a wikimedia chapter in Egypt
    <shipmaster>	ok
    <aude>	i suggest we use the talk page for the question for discussion, and use the main question pages to write our answers
    <shipmaster>	ok I am fine with that
    <shipmaster>	I will move it there
    <shipmaster>	to the question talk page
    <aude>	yes, the efforts for starting a chapter are relevant
    <shipmaster>	the extent of government involvement is also an issue
    <aude>	i'm also looking at what the other task forces are doing, for ideas and examples of how to organize
    <shipmaster>	for example Wikipedia was blocked in Syria till recently
    <shipmaster>	and on the other hand,
    <aude>	i know about Egypt, but less about other countries in regard to government involvement
    <shipmaster>	the government in Egypt has offered to fund further wikipedia initiatives
    <shipmaster>	so yeah we may need to assess how good/bad either of these are
    <aude>	generally speaking, i know that wikimedia is interested in partnerships with outside organizations
    <aude>	this includes a project to add images to wikimedia commons from the german federal archive
    <rima>	I don't have any idea about the government involvment in Saudi Arabia
    <aude>	what kind of opportunities we see in Arabic speaking countries?
    <aude>	or efforts to educate governments about wikipedia?
    <aude>	i'm sure there are plenty of myths or things some people/governments don't understand?
    <shipmaster>	I think there is a spectrum
    <rima>	yes I agree
    <shipmaster>	from the Emirates for example, which has funded very openly critical UN reports
    <shipmaster>	and I think they will cooperate fully with any wikipedia entity
    <shipmaster>	to Egypt, who will still cooperate but with reservations
    <shipmaster>	to Syria which perceives Wikipedia as a threat
    <shipmaster>	to other governments who are totally oblivious of what Wikipedia means
    <rima>	I am going to read that report i think it's an interesting report
    <shipmaster>	I think we can include questions
    <shipmaster>	about the government reaction to wikipedia
    <shipmaster>	in the survey
    <shipmaster>	?
    <aude>	agree
    <rima>	yes
    <shipmaster>	ok I will work on the sruvey page later today and add more questions for you guys to review
    <rima>	great
    <aude>	the other thing i wonder about is the demand for arabic wikipedia, versus people with ability in English and who look on English Wikipedia
    <shipmaster>	my personal opinion here
    <aude>	and the question about having colloquial arabic versions of wikipedia
    <shipmaster>	based on my involvment with wikipedia since 2004
    <shipmaster>	is that we usually see and interact
    <shipmaster>	with bi-lingual arabs
    <shipmaster>	but the fact is
    <shipmaster>	there is a big majority
    <shipmaster>	of people who only know Arabic
    <shipmaster>	a silent majority
    <rima>	that's right
    <shipmaster>	and this majority basically has no internet references except for religious material
    <aude>	how easy is it for someone who only knows arabic to use the internet?
    <shipmaster>	other than wikipedia there is very little
    <shipmaster>	very easy
    <aude>	that makes sense, about availability of references
    <shipmaster>	the OS is arabized
    <shipmaster>	Windows
    <shipmaster>	so they can find their way around
    <shipmaster>	but there is not much material
    <rima>	yes windows is arabized
    <shipmaster>	colloquial on the other hand is a political rather than a practical matter
    <rima>	but the materials in the webs are so few
    <aude>	so, the question could be about how to get more contributions to arabic wikipedia
    <shipmaster>	yes
    <rima>	most of it forums political news
    <shipmaster>	people dont learn to read colloquial , they learn to read and write formal Arabic
    <rima>	the most visited are these sites
    <shipmaster>	anyway
    <shipmaster>	I am running out of time
    <shipmaster>	for today
    <aude>	another issue, which is true on english wikipedia, is that with long-time volunteers , some are retiring, get busy, and are contributing less now
    <aude>	i wonder what extent that's true on arabic wikipedia, or if that's not the case
    <shipmaster>	I will email the google initiative group and look at the survey
    <aude>	shipmaster: okay, thank you for your time
    <shipmaster>	(it is I think)
    <rima>	we can involve mor people
    <shipmaster>	yes we should
    <shipmaster>	and let's arrange another IRC meeting soon
    <aude>	i think another task force is looking at "community health" which deals with how to retain volunteers
    <rima>	ok thanks
    <shipmaster>	bye everyone for now and thanks
    <aude>	bye
    <rima>	bye