Task force/Arabic Task Force/Internet use

From Strategic Planning

Question 1: Internet use in the future


How will Internet use in the Middle East and North Africa change over the next 5 to 10 years?

  • Will more non-English language speakers gain access to the Web?
  • Will increases in Internet use come primarily from increases in mobile devices or computers?
  • Will cell phone platforms support an Arabic interface to access the Web?

Internet use now

  • How open or restricted is the media (print, broadcast, internet) in various countries?

In various countries, what's the availability of internet access?

  • How much does broadband access (e.g. DSL or other options) cost, in relation to average household (or some measure of) income?
  • How is the technical infrastructure and capacity? (e.g. in Africa, Seacom is being rolled out to link East Africa with Europe/Asia, and increase capacity in 2010)
  • If one has broadband service, is it capped at a certain amount of data usage per month?
  • Other questions...