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From Strategic Planning

Oliver Ding

  • 推出2个版本,一个是中国本地版本(服务器设立在中国大陆),一个是全球中文版本(服务器设立在境外);
  • 进行政府公关,让中国内地版本可以在中国访问。
  • Provide two version: one is a China-local version, the other is a global version.
  • Take good public relationship with the government to guarantee Wikipedia accessible in China.



It is a big factor. Many users would unconsciously think that Wikipedia was forbidden, and would strike the enthusiasm of the contributors. I think, we should avoid a ideologized Wikipedia, but back to its nature of a knowledge tool itself. So in current stage, we should not involve too much in controversial topics, but enrich the articles and expand coverage of them.



Some sensitive articles will trigger the censorship mechanism, and this will lead to a unstable service in China. No perfect solution for this situation, because the coverage of the forbidden words are wide and uncertain.