Task force/China/Interview (surveys) with Chinese bloggers/Top 3 Priorities

From Strategic Planning

Oliver Ding

  1. 建立一个可持续的志愿者社群,不仅仅是线上协作,而是进行线下管理。需要建立一个志愿者机构,来全身心地投入这个社群的建设。
  2. 实施英文条目翻译计划。
  3. 和教育机构合作,在教育领域推广维基百科的使用,包括中文和英文。
  1. Build up a sustainable volunteer community, not only do they cooperate online, but also do management offline. It is needed to build up a volunteer organization to fully go into the building of community.
  2. Carry out a plan of translating English articles into Chinese.
  3. Cooperate with educational institute, promote the usage of Wikipedia, including Chinese and English, in education.


  1. 在大学做推广,招募志愿者,让老师成为维基百科的贡献者和用户,并通过他们去影响学生;
  2. 针对百度侵权词条(复制维基百科内容,却未标示CC 3.0或GFDL许可方式的内容)发起诉讼或声明;
  3. 与媒体、门户网站合作,在新词上增加维基百科的解释,就像百度曾经做过的,百度一下,共有XXX条关于“XXX”的结果;
  4. 大力推广维基百科的访问工具,如iPhone版、手机版、PC版维基百科应用,让更多的人可以方便地访问。
  1. Promote in universities, recuite volunteers, and make teachers the contributors and users of Wikipedia that influence their students.
  2. Take Baidu and it's articles that are copied from Wikipedia without declaring GFDL or CC to court, or make out an announcement about them.
  3. Cooperate with Media and portal sites, add Wikipedia descriptions on new words, as Baidu has done.
  4. Make out other methods of visiting Wikipedia, such as iPhone version, cell phone version and Wikipedia apps.



The top 3 are: ensuring the stable service in PRC, promotion, and prioritized cooperation.