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Problem: What are the main factors which will impact the development of Wikipedia in China?

Oliver Ding


First of all, it is GFW. Non-accessibility lead to non-existence in the market, and hence no base for the brand-building of Wikipedia's high quality content.


Second, in current situation of accessibility, the slowness of increase speed just reflect the lacking of activeness of the voluntary community.


In China, promoting a community brand requires a vigorous team or group of volunteers that organize off-line activities for the expansion of the community. It is very difficult to promote the volunteer community among the general public by online collaborations only.



The environment of uncertain policies from the governments, self-censorship from the users, these are the biggest factors. Except these, the Chinese online culture of non-seriousness, non-responsibility and kuso also play a role for the development of Chinese Wikipedia.

Of cause, I think branding promotion also is a problem: Outside China, Wikipedia was quickly recognized as a new business model, and became the non-replaceable online-encyclopedia, even Google could not challenge Wikipedia's position also; But in China now, this business model are not appealing any more, so Wikipedia need to promote their brand pro-actively, and there is no way to wait for users coming automaticly.



What I understand for the development of Wikipedia in China include two factors: the increase of contributors and the increase of usage. The prior one impacts the quality of content, and the later one impacts the influence in China.


For the prior one, to gain more development, Wikipedia in China may improve its popularity to attract more volunteer; for the later one, Wikipedia may require more coverage on different channels, making the availability for various ways to access Chinese Wikipedia.