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This page deals with the concept of editor type as a form of pattern. Editors generally fall in to two broad types: human and non-human, i.e. an automated or semi-automated editor such as a bot. Although the primary role of the task force is to engage with humans, the needs and requirements of the automated users should also be considered, particularly in the light of the valuable contribution which they all ready make to Wikimedia.

Automated Patterns

  • .. Generally bots, spiders and other automated mechanisms and devices for editing / updating / monitoring Wikimedia

{Note to self: will try and get these patterned out}

Human Patterns

See also: MeatBall:CommunityRoles.
  • New editors
  • Frequent editors
  • Returning editors
  • Malign editors
  • Misguided editors
  • New editors
    • First time editors
    • Inexperienced editors
  • Returning editors
    • Recent returning users
    • Returning users from a long time ago
  • Malign editors (a form of antipattern)
    • Vandals