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Task force/Community Health/Editor collaboration projects

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Examples of editor collaboration projects:


Wikipedia (English)



w:en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Council

Examples of an active Wikipedia Wikiproject:

Wikiquote (English)

Wikisource (English)

Wikibooks (English)

  • Reading Room (Central discussion hub). (active)
  • Community Portal.
    • Note: Each wikibook has the potential to be its own "WikiProject", as such sub-communities are naturally created around individual books. As a consequence there is little need for manufactured sub-communities.
  • Featured Books. (activity slow/low)
  • Newbie policy. Of interest to our TF, in summary says to be very polite, patient and welcoming as "newcomers are prospective members of the Wikibooks community and therefore a valuable resource." - I guess we need to recapture that spirit at en:wp.

Wikinews (English)

Wikiversity (English)