Task force/Financial Sustainability/2010-01-05

From Strategic Planning

Financial Sustainability Task Force Call

8:30am PST, January 4, 2010



Reviewing Recommendations Discussion

  • Recommendation 1: Specify banner based campaigns. Discussion of assumptions.
  • Recommendation 2: WM should increase funding to fundraising programs to increase results. Discussion followed of how much money the WMF should set aside for fundraising. Discussion of setting limits about % of total funds to dedicate to fundraising.
  • Recommendation 3: Exploration of other revenue sources.
Vote on recommendation to recommend sponsorships or advertising. Or do want to research how the community feels about it.
  • Research myths about advertising. Will our community support or hate such?
  • Do we need advertising dollars at all? As last resort? Endowment?
Discussion on research on advertising.
Vote on whether to recommend more research into ads. Motion passed.
VK will craft a recommendation and put it on the wiki.
    • Licensing/royalties/sponsorships: Discussion of sponsorships vs. advertising. Corporate Sponsorship department?
    • Subscription Model: Or more content model?
    • Membership Organization:
    • Endowment: Specify needs and use for Endowment. Open ended use.

Next Steps

  • VK: Write up advertising research proposal.
  • Break out endowment as a separate recommendation.