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Task force/Financial Sustainability/Weekly Report 03

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Task Force Weekly Report: week of 2009-<date>

Task Force Name:

Report of Activities

During this week (of December 14), we: Conducted another phone meeting to discuss the following key points:

Donations-should they be the dominant source of funding going forward Ad revenue-should it be on the table? Endowment-something to consider? If so, why and how would the money be raised? Business relationships-ides for potential partners that could provide large portion of funding Government funding-is this something to consider

Discussion was very productive; the task force is beginning to narrow its ideas. Rough draft of recommendations will go up on the wiki prior to the next meeting scheduled for January 5.

Planned activities for next week

Please be specific and aggressive. It is okay to roll activities from week to week if necessary.

Rough draft of recommendations to go up on wiki prior to next meeting.

Resources needed

To complete our work, this task force needs the following resources or assistance:


This week, this task force wishes to recognize for their assistance the following users:

Other comments


Our notes or documentation can be found at:

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