Task force/Living People/IRC Agendas

    From Strategic Planning

    Monday, 15 February 2010, 4:00 UTC

    • Overview of the task force mission
    • Not focused on one single project, this is global
    • Ultimate outcome is a global policy
    • Review previous recommendations
    • What a recommendation is and its purpose of function
    • What can the Board recommend, what needs put in recommendations from this task force itself in May after finalization in April
    • Discussion of writing useful recommendations, wording and formating
    • Begin discussion of concerns of non-Wikipedia named projects
    • Quote in all languages
    • Source in all languages
    • Commons
    • Review the points made during the discussion

    Monday, 22 February 2010, 0:00 UTC

    • Questions for the facilitator
    • Review the work of last week
    • What questions were asked and/or addressed?
    • How did they help the current recommendation draft process?
    • General discussion of the task force
    • Framework and modeling
    • Continued promotion of cross-wiki involvement
    • Stability in discussion
    • This week
    • Fact finding
    • Statistics and what we're looking for as a metric
    • Start looking toward next week's goals and formulating thoughts

    Monday, 8 March 2010, 4:00 UTC

    • Review the not quite finalized draft of Recommendations
    • The preamble
    • Each individual point, briefly and discuss its aim
    • Discuss recommendations to the Board and structure
    • Timeline for this
    • Points of inclusion and number
    • Discuss policy drafting
    • Wording issues and strategies
    • Formatting