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Task force/Living People/Internet relay chat meetings/02.08.2010

  • Summary
  • General discussion about the Prod proposal, which has been advanced at the enwiki RfC.
  • Suggestion to delete unreferenced BLPs with no sources or external links on sight.
  • Suggestion for a stronger editnotice to ask people to provide sources when creating articles.
  • Suggestion to move all BLPs to a different wiki
  • Suggestions for involving the community more:
  • Coordinate with the WikiCup to possibly entice competitors to source and otherwise cleanup BLPs. This would earn them a number of WikiCup points, like they already earn for taking articles through processes like DYK, GAN, FLC, FAC, etc.
  • Improve and coordinate with WikiProjects
  • Improve alerting bots such as DASHbot and LaraBot to encourage article creators to source the articles they create.
  • Set up drives like "BLP week" to encourage a large number of people to help fix BLPs.
  • Create watchlist notices for experienced editors to ask them to clean up a random BLP.
  • Proposal for systematic stubbification of unreferenced and poorly referenced BLPs.
  • Remove Biographies of Living Persons from Special:Random.

Task force/Living People/Internet relay chat meetings/02.15.2010

  • Summary
  • Ideas for recommendations for the board:
  • Expand the ability to admins to set various levels of semi-protection
  • Administrators should deal with people who disrupt BLPs much more swiftly
  • Administrators should be given broader leeway by the community when dealing with BLP issues
  • Projects should adapt some version of flagged revisions.
  • Indefinite semi-protection for biographies with
  • Any history of issues
  • Unwatched articles
  • On request of the subject
  • Do not attempt to define notability of BLPs for the projects
  • Make it clear that not only do we have a legal responsibility to avoid libel, we also have an ethical responsibility to do the right thing.
  • Other ideas:
  • Patrolled revisions should be enabled independently of flagged revisions and implemented as soon as possible.
  • Create a team of response agents, specifically concerned with living persons
  • Information should only go into an article if it is related to the notability of the subject.
  • Pass on the the legal task force:
  • COPPA?
  • Per USC 2257, we should be requiring assertions that the subject is above 18 for explicit images.
  • Make sure that next time, people who had disagreed with the BLP Prod process and other proposed changes for BLPs on enwiki show up at the discussion to avoid groupthink. (The last task force was much less useful because it felt too polarized.)

Task force/Living People/Internet relay chat meetings/03.08.2010

  • Summary
  • On the Foundation and BLP recommendations
  • The question on whatever the Foundation can and/will reject part or all the recommendations have been raised.
  • Insurance were given that the Foundation will "very likely" accept part or all the recommendations with minor modifications.
  • Whole rewriting session focus toward: Keep it simple & close the gap between wording/phrasing and meaning.
  • Point 1 reworded to "All projects carefully re-examine or establish stringent policies on blocking and protection. Local administrators are encourage to show disruptive contributors and vandals the door quickly" to stress the zero tolerance toward trolls on BLP articles
  • Point 2 no change
  • Point 3 small change pointing where wikiprojects can find a BLPs tools box
  • Point 4 small change replaced the word patrolled to monitored
  • Point 5 reworded to "All projects treat the subjects of content with fairness and courtesy" because behind a BLP article there is a real living person and previous wording was out-focus
  • Point 6 had to be reworded, unpacked and maybe split because 3 relevant concerns are mentioned at once Image/Quote, NPOV & Undue Weight
  • Point 7 suggested to be merged with Point 2
  • Point 8 maybe should be reworded to go straight to the point: No consensus default to delete for minor BLP article