Task force/Local language projects/Implementation

    From Strategic Planning
    Recommendation and priorities Volunteer/Editor Actions Wikimedia Foundation Wikimedia Chapters
    • Create outreach material
    • Coordinate outreach
    • Official outreach efforts
    • Help making outreach material effective in the local culture
    Stimulate creation of local content
    • Create content of local interest
    • Develop methods for automatic collection of information from Google, Yahoo, Alexa, etc. about what people in different regions want to read about.
    • Develop methods for pointing potential editors to places where they are most likely to be able to contribute
    • Help identifying content of local interest
    Localization and internationalization of the MediaWiki software
    • Translate system messages at translatewiki.net
    • Localize MediaWiki (support all character sets and right to left script)
    • Internationalize MediaWiki.
    • Run campaign to get more translators to www.translatewiki.net
    • Encourage locals to localize MediaWiki
    Minimize the bandwidth that is required to load pages
    • Add MediaWiki features to make it possible to opt out from loading media
    • Infrastructural changes (caches or mirrors?)