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Task force/NASA Collaboration

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There is a collaboration proposal at OpenNASA. Please vote/comment on it.


The purpose of this task force is to foster collaboration between NASA and relevant Wikimedia projects.


The following projects would benefit from NASA collaboration:


NASA has extensive space related dictionaries, synonym books, and acronym lists.


NASA has over 1 million pieces of multimedia including hundreds of thousands of images, videos, sounds, animations, and models all of which are in public domain.

  • Currently, NASA has collaborated with the Internet Archive to help preserve and make accessible 145,000 pieces of its multimedia collection.
  • NASA currently participates in posting photos to Flickr
  • NASA currently posts a number of videos to YouTube


NASA has hundreds of thousands of pages of documentation and analysis as well as a number of informative/general fact sheet documents that would help expand Wikisource.

  • NASA has posted 11,000+ documents to Scribd


NASA currently maintains hundreds of individual sites for its missions/programs, many of which are documented on Wikipedia. Many of these sites offer brochures, fact sheets, and other relevant material designed to educate the viewer about the mission/program. NASA could make comprehensive articles that would meet Wikipedia standards that too would educate the viewer.

There have been pages created on Wikipedia by NASA/mission participants such as:

(A number of wikipedia articles currently rank higher in search engines than their official NASA counterpart websites).


NASA currently has a number of its own "Team Collaboration" wikis at http://wiki.nasa.gov/cm/newui/wiki/index.jsp. NASA also has a site called http://inwiki.nasa.gov which is only available behind its firewall (to its employees only, not the general public). The difference between these existing NASA wiki's and Wikipedia is that these NASA wiki's are closed team collaboration wiki's, which mean they are not an authoritative knowledge base, like Wikipedia aims to be.


Communication with NASA.

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