Task force/Recommendations/Advocacy 3

From Strategic Planning
If Wikimedia chooses to engage in advocacy, we should take on issues that are critical to our long-term growth, since this is where we will have the most passion, insight, and leverage.

Our task force felt that net neutrality, censorship, copyright, digital divide, and environmentalism were all issues worth considering (with privacy as a subordinate, less strategic concern).

As appropriate, we can influence policy and opinion through the following stakeholder groups:

1. Wikimedia
- Direct
- Through Jimmy
- Through strategic partners

2. Wikimedia core community
- Chapters
- Editors
- New groups that we create (e.g., a new European super-chapter or US chapter)

3. General public
- On-platform engagement
- Off-platform engagement

Each of these stakeholder groups is capable of specific kind of leverage, and requires a different level of consensus in order to succeed.