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This template is used to show a template in the users interface language.

For autotranslating articles, please use Template:Autotranslate instead, otherwise a circular reference will be detected when an autotranslated template is transcluded into an autotranslated article.

How to use this template

  1. Rename the English "Template:Pagename" to "Template:Pagename/en".
  2. Replace the content of Template:Pagename (what is now a #REDIRECT [[Template:Pagename/en]]) with:
{{Autotranslate template|1={{{1|}}}|base=''Pagename''}}<noinclude>
To edit the text shown on an "autotranslated" template:
* click on a language link for the subpage (English or so) although you are seeing the text in that language already,
* then click on the Edit Tab.

That is all.

Language selection

When linking to {{Template:Pagename}} the content of {{Template:Pagename/xx}} will be shown, where xx is a language code.

The language code is determined in the following sequence:

  1. The language in your user preference, your is "en";
  2. The fallback language of the language in your user preference, yours is "en" (see Template:GetFallback);
  3. If none of the above language subpages exist the template is displayed in the English language.