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{{LinkSummary|example.com}} produces:

Do not use "subst" with this template

  • the ? after bot reports will link to Erwin's tool to list diffs since the link was added for each instance. This will help you check if that link addition has already been reverted or not.

Link labels explained

  • LinkReport lists all additions of the link in COIBot's database
  • COIBot links to the COIBot report which lists link additions by specified users
    • These will also be automatically generated under certain conditions - ask Beetstra for details on the formula.
    • Otherwise, command them to be created in IRC.
  • en links to en:Wikipedia:WikiProject Spam/LinkSearch/example.com, which may or may not exist.
    • If it does, it's a static version of Special:LinkSearch maintained by BetacommandBot and/or clone(s)
  • Google searches for the domain
  • en (G) is a wiki-search for the domain on enwiki then a Google search on enwiki for the domain
    • same for frwiki, dewiki, meta
  • backlinks uses Yahoo! site explorer to search for backlinks for the domain
  • →links← shows incoming links for example.com on Meta
    • the template has a link to it hidden with style=display:none;, so in effect this tracks where {{linksummary|example.com}} has been mentioned
  • whois does a search on whois.domaintools.com
  • AboutUs does a search on aboutus.org
  • Malware? does a search in malwaredomainlist.com
  • Alexa does a search on alexa.com, which provides the standard web traffic statistics
  • OnSameHost does a search for other domains on the same host using onsamehost.com
  • WhosOnMyServer does a search for other domains on the same host using whosonmyserver.com
  • find entry does a search for blacklist entries, which could block link additions. If a link is blocked, this tool additionally searches the log files for blacklisting reasons.

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