Template:Spam blacklist log instructions

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Adding entries

Please use exactly the following format. The log file is read by machines. So please don't use comments like "see above" or "see following entry".

Make sure you add entries to the current log.

For requests on MediaWiki talk:Spam-blacklist

  1. Take the logging snippets from both MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist and MediaWiki talk:Spam-blacklist after your edits. (Mark the request as done, then take the logging snippet provided there; add your regex(es) to the blacklist and then take the snippet there.)
    • For additions, use {{sbl-diff|1161261}}; see {{sbl-log|1161258#{{subst:anchorencode:Example}}}}, which produces addition; see request
    • For removals, use {{sbl-diff|1161261|removal}}; see {{sbl-log|1161258#{{subst:anchorencode:Example}}}}, which produces removal; see request
    • For changes, use {{sbl-diff|1161261|change}}; see {{sbl-log|1161258#{{subst:anchorencode:Example}}}}, which produces change; see request
  2. For single entries, write the entry and log data on the same line.
  3. For multiple entries, put the log data on a line beginning with " #:", then list the entries on new lines below indented by three spaces to set the regexes apart.


entry                          # Admin          # log data
spam\.com                      # Mike.lifeguard # addition; see m:User:COIBot/XWiki/spam.com
#:                             # A.B.           # addition; see request
\buuf\.com\b                   # Herbythyme     # removal; see request
spam\.com → \bspam\.com\b      # Beetstra       # change; see request