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I'm very pleased to see this task force up and going! It looks like you're starting off with some tremendous research. I know that Sarah (from Bridgespan) and I will be watching with interest. In the discussion of "roles", I encourage you to 're-imagine' the list; if there are roles that aren't necessary, don't feel you have to fill them. If I missed something, add it. If you don't need any of them, don't feel you must. This internal skills-inventory should be driven by what you need as a group, not by what I think you might some day need. You can always change it later!

15:23, 15 October 2009

Is there a need for the Role of an Editor to make the final articles sound more like "Standard Business English"? At this time, my Chinese may not be strong enough to compare Chinese wikis but it is strong enough to make a few final Articles in English sound smoother and more fluent, especially after revision and discussion.

15:18, 25 October 2009

Hi, Josh. We do need an Editor role. You know, some of our member are not native speakers, and for example, my English is not very good. We need your help on this. Thanks!

01:07, 26 October 2009