The role of Discussion Page, the proper place to requests and discussions.

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Discussion Page it is the right place to point out article’s issues and not rightly in article’s main page. So nobody should put warning tags or citation requests in front page by obvious reasons (bad taste, ant-esthetical, aggressive, room’s pollution, bossy and impolite). Doing that is equally the same that trashing the article and consequently an awful propaganda to Wikipedia’s readers. Without doubt it is a rude attitude, besides, the reader must have the choice of reading the issues and not be aggressively obliged like happens every day in more and more articles.
Wikipedia is completely made and exposed by its articles. Therefore, it is easy realize that who do that it is not really helping but actually vandalizing Wikipedia’s image.
What everyone must to do it is to copy the problematic pieces from article and paste in page’s discussion, never in main page. There, in discussion page, it is the proper place to make discussions and point out issues.
Those masked as '”professional critics” who, by the way, never have time to truly improve articles but always have to damage the article’s main page, and anyone who insists on put tags (or requirements) in article’s main page should be blocked for vandalism (and lack of a real contribution).

13:55, 19 April 2011