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    I definitely think we should make it more visible to experienced editors when they are dealing with newbies. Especially, I think when someone registered creates their first article, it might make sense to automatically tag it with an assessment that points out it is a newbie editor's first article. Alternatively, when someone tries to save a deletion or notability tag on a first-time article or an article created by an editor still in their first 15 days, we could throw up a nudge in the preview, sort of like the warning when a reference is inline without a reference/ tag, or give an error like you can set it to give if you don't provide a comment. Something that reminds the editor not to bite the newbies - you could include a check to see if they (or anyone) posted a welcome tag on the editor's page or other guidance before nominating their work for possible deletion.

    The challenge is that we don't want to make editing harder for people doing the good work/slog of deleting stupid vandalism, but we want to encourage people to be nice to well-meaning newbies. If a skeleton article is created, for instance, we might suggest an editor give it at least 10 minutes and a note to the creator before promoting it for speedy deletion due to lack of notability - lack of content in a first draft and lack of notability are not the same thing. hmm. We might alternatively prompt a newbie user to tag a draft - is there an {{earlydraft]] tag that indicates a user is actively working on an article and asks that it not be evaluated yet?

    Polite/nice process cannot be enforced, but it can be encouraged, and we can create infrastructure that helps that.

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