Interview w/ NPR representative

Interview w/ NPR representative

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Wanted to share some thoughts from a conversation with an NPR national representative (Michael Riksen) from yesterday. Full notes will go up as soon as he approves them for posting at Interviews.

Key points:

  • Riksen noted that the mission of the Wikimedia is not entirely clear to donors. Advertising banners focus on "Wikipedia Forever" or other donor stories, but the idea that these projects aim to bring the sum of all knowledge to all people isn't present. Centering around a singular idea and having that idea appear throughout the projects--and not just during fundraising times--could be a powerful move to increase the message of the projects.
  • Riksen also highlighted the challenge that some NPR member stations face between the parts of their audience that can/do and can't/do not support them financially. In many ways, member stations see an obligation to reach disadvantaged populations, but these stations do not get funding from these populations. Riksen noted that Wikimedia might be facing similar tensions.
JohnF22:44, 10 December 2009

John, I get the basic idea here (which does resonate, for sure) but I don't understand the actual sentence. Do you mean he says members stations want to reach the disadvantaged, but those stations do not get funding from *the disadvantaged*?

It would be interesting to know if NPR has resolved that issue. I for example sometimes imagine a world in which wealthy countries fundraise for Wikimedia, and a percentage of the money is explicitly earmarked to be transferred to activities in less-wealthy countries. It seems like one very obvious possibility, to me.

Sue Gardner20:50, 11 December 2009

Yes, that was a typo, Sue. You were right with your interpretation.

It sounded as though NPR hasn't quite resolved this issue just yet, but we are having another call next week someone who's run pledge drives for member stations. Hopefully, that can shed some light on the issue, but I like the way you're thinking.

JohnF21:47, 11 December 2009