What additional structures could be developed to connect volunteers to the movement and what would it take to develop these structures?

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There is a proposal here http://strategy.wikimedia.org/wiki/Proposal:Volunteer_Toolkit for a Volunteer Toolkit project, which would provide tools for 1) asking for help, 2) developing a welcome page for new people, 3) creating mechanisms for broadcasting volunteer opportunities, 4) providing task and project management tools, 5) supporting on-wiki mentoring, 6) supporting off-wiki processes with conference and meeting scheduling tools and so forth, and 7) managing volunteer relationships. I am not sure that the Movement Task Force is the right place to discuss this proposal -- it seems to me that Movement Roles should confine itself to figuring out who does things (e.g., to increase participation), rather than focusing on what to do (e.g. to increase participation). But the Volunteer Toolkit is engendering lots of discussion at the Community Health task force, if people here are interested in talking about it., 26 November 2009

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The problem of sticky signatures has been raised at LiquidThreads Feedback and a solution of sorts appears to be in the offing.

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