"logged-in only" editing

    I want to tell something:

    1. If we will block anonymous users they will create new account and start editing.

    2. So for that we will only allow auto-confirmed users which means no more new users will come. Gradually, constructive editing will decline which is root of our success.

    3. There are many good anonymous users and they will be also blocked including the good faith ones also. Most viewers are anonymous, and gradually, we will also lose popularity.

    4. If you want to keep good anonymous users, it will create a havoc among the admins for blocking only those anonymous which do bad edits. If we will block good anonymous also then there will no problem, as we will remove the system of anonymous users directly, but good faith and constructive anonymous editors will be gone.

    5. If you will allow only half articles or some to be edited by new users or anonymous, it will definitely lead to edit wars in these articles.

    --[[User:Extra999]] 04:22, 19 March 2010