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Access to sources of information

I think that (the creation of internal bibliographies) is an excellent idea. We should add it to our list of solutions/ways to overcome barriers for quality.

Woodwalker23:17, 11 December 2009

If Meta projects are created as proposed previously (by you?) then creation of internal bibliographies should be their core business.

Yaroslav Blanter23:37, 11 December 2009

Yes, a good idea. This, together with the creation of 1000-article lists to assist the growth of coverage, could be the main task of a meta-project. Another function would be to have a central discussion point where any user can ask questions about the project's field of interest.

Woodwalker14:04, 12 December 2009

That's right. This is probably less of an issue for en.wp, but on smaller Wikipedias some of the projects are not active: for instance, we have relatively active projects on biology and pharmacology, but virtually a dead project on chemistry and physics. If I get a strange atricle on physics/chemistry, I would like to have a chance to ask at a meta level, may be assisting with the translation.

Since we have to fill in the weekly report, can we may be start formulating this wiki project proposal? It looks like a real good idea for a broader discussion. Can it be that these projects have been created previously and failed?

Yaroslav Blanter15:07, 12 December 2009