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Topics related to content quality

Concerning the translations. Yes, we translate a lot, mostly from English, since this is standard second language for Russian-speaking users. There are less users who can also translate from German and French and a handful from other languages. Even though the translations are going slower than we would like to see, this is not the point I would like to make. The point is that for instance en.wp is an obvious place to search for good articles on US history, and even though we eventually translated only three of 50 articles on US state histories (and even these are not complete) I am sure another 47 will be translated within a reasonable period. I have more concerns about articles asy of Japanese interest. I assume ja.wp has a lot of quality articles on say Japanese theater which en.wp does not have (I just gave an example if I am wrong on this patricular subject pls replace it for smth else). We on ru.wp do not have enough Japanese speakers to identify and translate these articles. We have to rely on en.wp which first makes a quality translation (by quality translation I understand not just translation, which some users make with online translation tools, but also an adaptation of the articles: for instance, explaining some details obvious for Japanese readers and not at all obvious to British readers) and then translate it to Russian. And we do not have any influence on the first step of such a two-step process. At least some Meta project targeting the problem in a systematic way (going beyond 1000 most important articles) would be nice.

Yaroslav Blanter08:32, 10 December 2009