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This is exactly the problem I tried to emphasise when I wrote about wiki-erosion. Some solutions would be:

  • Move wikiprojects to meta;
  • Actively search for specialist users on smaller projects and invite them to join the meta-Wikiprojects;
  • The Wikiprojects at meta should make one or two 1000-article lists about their subjects (with links to FA/GA status articles).

The key seems to me more communication and cooperation between different projects. There is of course a huge language barrier, but being European, I think we can overcome this when we carefully read each other's comments.

The bias toward the Anglo-Saxon world due to more translation from wp-en (than, for example, from wp-de, wp-ja or wp-fr) is not just a Russian problem. At wp-nl, the same problem exists.

Woodwalker08:46, 10 December 2009