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Defining quality

Sorry, figured anyone here would probably be a long term user and likely have that experience. Quick guide (it's easy enough):

  1. There's an option, "Upload file", on the sidebar to the left. Click it.
  2. Choose the file to upload, and the name to give it (often the same, but you can change it). Give a brief description -- on the major reference wiki's there's a lot to go here, but for this one a brief note will do.
  3. Click the button to upload it.
  4. The image will appear once uploaded, on a "File:" page, eg "File:Mypicture.jpg".
  5. Include it as follows (simple usage):
  • To include full size: [[File:Mypicture.jpg]] (As simple as that)
  • To inclue it as a small "thumbnail" with a caption, that can be clicked for the full image: [[File:Mypicture.jpg|thumb|position|size|This is my picture.]]
    where position is left/center/right, size is usually in pixels (enter as 200px, 400px, etc) and the rest is a caption.

Hope that helps.

FT2 (Talk | email)23:34, 27 November 2009