I want to clarify something that has been bugging me and apologize if I was insulting or rude with one of my comments.

"I would have been fired..."

I meant and still mean for this to comment on the scale of the ramifications of a project that can bring in members including some newbies without properly preparing them or making readily available pertinent and germane information.

My comment is to say "if the task force which is committed to change cannot do it right, then who can?"

that about sums up my frustration. If I inadvertently dissed or insulted anyone I apologize and am very sorry. It was perhaps a poor way to say that they system isn't working, even at the "fixing this" level.

Bhneihouse06:58, 6 December 2009

I appreciate that. I was quite offended, but accept your apology and the spirit in which you offered it.

~Philippe (WMF)14:35, 6 December 2009

I am sorry to have offended you. In the future, please let me know if/when something I do/say offends you. Sometimes I am moving so fast by virtue of my life and it is not my intention to either hurt anyone or to abridge or negatively impact working relationships. I will say that currently my stress level is higher than it has been in some time. Unfortunately, this project has added to that. Not to say I do not want to be here or do not choose to be here. I will take more time in the future to think about things like this before I post.

I would like everyone on this taskforce to put themselves in my shoes. Throw a high level strategic thinker who is used to sorting out complexities and digesting them quickly into a system where simply typing in feedback is difficult. Being able to be effective grinds to a halt. Pause. Really think about that. Now magnify that 100 or 1,000 times for a newbie who isnt used to sorting out complexities and digesting them quickly. How do we get THAT person to (comfortably) add quality content? It is back to the "I am 'x"" statement.

Perhaps some percentage of bad behavior is actually frustration because of a perception that "Wikipedia isn't listening" or "Wikipedia contributing/editing is only for elites"? Can anyone here see how that perception can be crafted if the only way to contribute is knowing what is basically HTML? I have hand coded HTML (starting in 1994-ish and stopping a few years later then using software to generate code) and I work in Creative Suite and spent years in design and production of graphic design and web sites, yet even I cannot cope in this environment. What about ordinary Joe's and Jane's who have something valuable to contribute? How do they have any hope of creating quality content if it's difficult for them to express their thoughts on here? Or if their level of frustration is so high that they just choose to NOT contribute (as I have for a number of years.)? Think about this -- each one of us sees something wrong with Wikipedia or we would not be here. What is it we see as wrong? If we were the only one fixing it, what would we do? How would we re-make Wikipedia if no one else was looking/contributing?

Bhneihouse16:19, 6 December 2009