From Strategic Planning

Community Health

One way to improve community health would be to provide for the community members more learning opportunities related to Wikimedia projects and community. These could include:

  • Programs based on live online interaction (such as chat, video conference, etc.)
    • Could include scheduled online classes for new users on editing, wiki culture, etc.
  • Communications training for more experienced users and OTRS volunteers

Where do people go for help for these things right now, and/or where do the people interested in providing this sort of support "live"? Please list places below:

  • WikiProjects
  • Help Desk
  • Reference Desk
  • conflict resolution pages
  • Village Pump
  • IRC chat channels
  • mentorship programs
  • OTRS/email support team
  • other web sites: blogs, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, GetSatisfaction…
  • noticeboards (COIN, ANI, …)
  • Strategy wiki
  • Outreach wiki
  • Instructional videos on Wikipedia (hosted on Commons)

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