Uploading interviews

    From Strategic Planning

    This describes the workflow for converting and uploading interviews from Microsoft Word onto this wiki.

    • When you receive the notes in Microsoft Word, go to interviews and see if that person's name is listed under the Completed heading. If it is, make that name a link to Interviews/Full Name, where Full Name is the name of the person.
    • Create the page, and place the content of the converted Word document there. Save the page.
    • In order to protect the integrity of the notes, we're protecting interview pages. To do that, in the menu on the upper right (just to the left of the search bar), select Protect. (You need to be an admin to do this. If you need assistance, contact User:Philippe.) Set both Edit and Move to "Administrators only" and confirm.
    • Go to the appropriate task force discussion page or village pump, and let people know that the interview notes are available.