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Azam Ishaque is a member of Pakistan Wikipedia Project . He is a Computer Engineer. He did his Computer Engineering from COMSATS ,MS in Engineering Management and currently doing Phd in Engineering Management from CASE, Islamabad Pakistan

He joined wikinews in July 2008 and got awards of such a good writer on topics for Pakistan See His Profile.

He is contributing his work to Wikimedia Commons also.

He has visited Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland and U.A.E for presenting his research work

Research Publications

- Barriers of Productivity in Public Sector Automotive Manufacturing Industry of Pakistan "ICIEMT 2010 World Academy of Science Engineering & Technology" Tokyo Japan

- Noninvasive Imaging System for Visually Impaired People " 2010 3rd IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology " Chengdu, China

- CMMI / SPICE Based Process Improvement "5th IEEE Confrence on Management of Innovation & Technology 2010" Singapore

- Comparative Analysis of Teams' growth in Offshore and Onshore Software development Projects "5th IEEE Confrence on Management of Innovation & Technology 2010" Singapore

- Impact of Quality Certification on Software Industry of Pakistan "International Association of Technology, Education and Development INTED2010 Spain ISBN: 978-84-613-5538-9

- Manufacturing Modern Structures: A Drift in Materials and Manufacturing Technologies. 2010 International Conference on Asia Pacific Business Innovation and Technology Management Cebu, Philippines ISBN : 978-971-94544-0-3

- Total Quality through Forecasting and Optimization of Human" Resource in Public Organization” Asia Pacific Business Innovation & Technology Management Conference ISBN : 978-971-94544-0-3

- Low productivity in Pakistan, difficulties being faced and Ways to improve productivity in Pakistan. 12th QMOD International Conference Verona, Italy

- Impact of Ethical Practices on Profit & Growth: A Case Study of Pakistani Food Business. 12th QMOD International Conference Verona, Italy