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Wikimedia principles - a bunch of links.

  • Neutral point of view/draft ((Redirected from Neutral point of view--draft) - an old draft of the article en:Wikipedia:Neutral point of view Kept for historical interest.
    • I've also read en:Wikipedia:Neutral point of view long ago a few times. I agreed with it and followed it. It being a policy, I was able to be accused of not following it, and if I remember correctly, also accused of following it. I think the NPOV means to attribute the view, and not show your opinion of it, i.e. to just report it. Also that a writer did not need to find all points of view, although this second draft seems like it tried to, so maybe I was wrong. My understanding of the policy was it was alright to contribute some of an article and the writer did not need to contribute all of the article. If one writer finding all points of view is better, then there should be easily findable articles about how to find those points of view. One of the most influential articles on the english wikipedia is the Introduction, which says "don't be afraid to make a mistake" and "go ahead and edit." Maybe the introduction and tutorial on the english wikipedia get people too enthusiastic to "press save".