From Strategic Planning

I am a physics student that especially through my education has come to realize the enormous potential of Wikipedia and the open content movement in general as a movement to change society in a positive direction. Having been introduced to computers at an early time in my life and allways been curious to learn how to make use of technology I have found myself in a very favorable position where technology to me is a great tool for making things easier. However, I have also come to realize the problems technology introduces for anyone that doesn't "understand" it. How does my grandfather pay his bills when normal banking services are replaced by online banking, especially when he even is amazed when I show him that the mouse moves the cursor on the screen? When telephone support is replace by online chat, how does anyone get support that doesn't have a computer, or even worse no hands to write with? Most of all I am concerned about the impact of technology on developing countries. As at least large parts of the developed world gets the opportunity to speed up learning, communication and commerce through information technology, how can the developing world which is less able to benefit from such technologies ever become able to compete with favorable conditions on a global market?

Therefore I am intressted in how disadvanged people, be it old or handicaped people in the developed world, or people in the developing world in general, can be given an as good opportunity as possible to benefit from the same technology that greatly has enhanced my life to this day. I think the Wikimedia projects and open content movement in general is one solutions that has great potential in giving everyone this same opportunity. Usability and reach therefore are of importance to me.

Apart from physics, I am also quite fluent in low level c/c++ programing which makes me able to understand most code easily. I have however very limited experience with web developement which makes me unable to take any initiatives or make judgements about such Wikimedia improvements. As an editor I am very new, never having taken part in any editing before, but I am curious to follow this process and provide as much support to it as time and ability allows.--Dafer45 10:06, 21 November 2009 (UTC)