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From Strategic Planning

I am the copyright officer of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. My task is to promote Open Access to scholarly and scientific output. Collaborative peer production by the Wikipedia community is a strong example for self-regulation of quality control and access.

Over the past years I was involved in the preparation of the contribution of the Dutch Wikimedia Foundation in the consultation at an European level on the Greenbook Copyright in the Knowledge society.

Further I participated in a session of the Content Online Platform in Brussels discussing the possible role of Wikipedia in linguistic and cultural diversity and the possibilities to raise awareness on possibilities of strengthening the Public Domain on the internet and sharing behaviour amongst minors by collaborating on Wikipedia.

Therefore I am interested to contribute to discussions on this issue: How can we effectively and scalably work with institutions that control the copyright for educational/informational materials, to encourage them to release those materials under a free license?

My blog( in Dutch, not very active)


Strongly recommended Public rights in copyright presentation at GLAM-WIKI, August 6 2009 by Graham Greenleaf