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    Spain traffic signal r301-100-green.svgThis user participated in the #100wikidays challenge.
    DerHexer, I and Jonathan Groß 2008 on study trip in Greece
    And again against the most historic scenery, where we belong ;).
    Meeting of the 9th writing competition jury on October 25, 2008 in Vienna
    Awarded with the Zedlermedaille, alongsite Bradypus (†)
    In best company
    Together with Enzian44 2010 in Würzburg
    Wikipedia trifft Altertum - Göttingen June 2011
    Wikipedia trifft Altertum - once more Jonathan and Martin
    At the Podium of the Book-release-party, Berlin October 2011
    At the Cimitero acattolico of Rome im WikiCup-Shirt, Oktober 2012
    Photo campaign 2012 at the national coach conference in Leipzig
    Lecture at the KAAK as Wikipedian in Residence in 2012
    Wikidata trifft Archäologie, March 2013
    With Silvana Koch-Mehrin in the European Parliament Strasbourg, February 2014
    Wikipedia in Parliament - Group picture in the European Parliament Strasbourg, February 2014
    Denkmalmesse in Leipzig, November 2014
    Excavations in Schwerin Castle, November 2014
    GLAM on Tour; Harzhorn, June 2013
    With Jonathan at the WikiCon Köln 2014
    With DerHexer and DasMonstaaa at the WikiCon in Dresden 2015
    Part of the tour group at Wikimania 2013 in Hongkong
    Vor der Pirámide del Sol in Teotihuacán bei der Wikimania 2015 in Mexiko
    Mit einem Teil der Reisegruppe bei der Wikimania 2013 in Hongkong
    At lake Genezareth, Wikimania 2011
    Limes meet-up 2012, Ancient roman Villa Haselburg
    Together with Hartmann Linge and Wenke the Zedler award ceremony 2014 in Frankfort
    In Museo Soumaya at Wikimania 2015 in Mexico
    GLAMcamp 2011 in Amsterdam
    „GLAM on Tour“ film
    Galileo photo tour
    Zedler award ceremony 2009
    0Together with Raymond at the Wikimania 2016
    Award ceremony for the WikiEule (WikiOwl) at the WikiCon 2016 in Kornwestheim
    auf der WikiCon 2012 in Dornbirn
    Guided tour at the museum August Kestner in Hanover, August 2013
    Together with Lyzzy at the closing party of Wikimania 2012 in Washington
    WikiCon 2017 at Leipzig
    Together with Martin und Christian at the lecture at Wikimania 2017 in Montreal
    Editathon „Römische Thermen“ in Madrid 2017
    At the Luge World Cup 2015 in Altenberg
    German vintage championships in swimming 2018
    GLAM organizational meeting 2018 in Ellwangen
    Youth World Championships in Rowing 2018 in Račice u Štětí
    GLAMLTV 2018 in Tel Aviv
    GLAM-on-Tour in Xanten 2018
    With Beach Handball National Team of American Samoa at the Youth Olympic Games 2018 in Buenos Aires
    Board of Wikimedia Deutschland after the election, December 2018

    My Wikimedia biography

    • Summer/fall 2004: first time I've read on Wikipedia
    • January 2005, 1: My first edit as IP
    • April 2005, 3: My first edit as registered User (ID: 74.472 - in the beginnung under the nick "Kenwilliams")
    • June 2005, 22: First edit on en:Wikipedia
    • August 2005, 15: First edit on Commons
    • December 2005, 15: First edit on Meta
    • February 2006: First request for Adminship on de:WP (not successfull) Election
    • July 2006: Second request for Adminship on de:WP (successfull) Election (until ca. end of 2009)
    • since fall 2007 member of Wikimedia Deutschland, with a break from 2014 to 2016
    • October 2007, 15: Admin on Commons Election
    • February 2008, 19: Part of the Web of Trust
    • March 2008, 25: SUL account (# 414)
    • June 2008, 25: candidate board of trustees Wikimedia Deutschland (not successfull)
    • July 2010: Third request for Adminship on de:WP (successfull) Election
    • June 2011, 13: Member OTRS/Support team (permissions and de; OTRS ID 895]
    • August 2011: Fourth request for Adminship on de:WP (re-election; successfull) Election
    • November 2012: Fifth request for Adminship on de:WP (re-election; successfull) Election (ca. a year later I did not start the requested re-election)
    • November 2012, 1: First edit on Wikidata
    • November 2012: Fifth request for Adminship on de:WP (re-election; successfull) Election
    • May 2018: Sixth request for Adminship on de:WP (not successfull) Election
    • December 2018, 1: run for the board of trustees of Wikimedia Deutschland (successfull), bylaw until May 2020
    • January 2019, 23: Member of WikiClassics

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