From Strategic Planning

My user name -- RoyGoldsmith -- has nothing to do with my quality, or lack thereof, as a writer (or anything else). My first name is Roy and Goldsmith is a re-working of some of my logins; it has no meaning beyond that.

Who am I?

I'm a new Wikipedian, active in wiki-editing from March 2009. I mostly spend my time divided about equally between English Wikipedia and Simple English Wikipedia. On enWP, I'm mostly a Wikignome and tend to go around correcting grammar, writing stub articles (mostly on astronomy, so far) and patrolling for blatant OR. On SEWP, I get to write halfway important articles from scratch.

In real life, I live in the New Jersey suburbs of New York City. I'm a computer programmer specializing a niche called the Pick system or IBM U2. I am 56 years old, male and a definite and premeditated nerd. I think the Wikipedia concept is the best I've heard of since sliced bread.