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    Graham Douglas is a pioneer author and consultant in Applied Mind Science in the field of Integrative Thinking™ and originator of Integrative Improvement™- Sustainable Development as if People and Their Physical, Social and Cultural Environments Mattered, the SOARA Process of Integrative Thinking™ and Douglas Integrative Governance 247™ (DIG 247). These are described at .

    He is the Founder of the Integrative Federation™ which develops the low-cost, self-funding, adaptive, technology-enabled Integrative Improvement Institutes™ Project to diffuse, refine and implement Integrative Improvement™ in a number of countries. The Federation seeks catalysts to join the Project as outlined in “Achieving Sustainable Development: The Integrative Improvement Institutes Project” at .

    Graham is a Topic Editor in the area of Sustainable Development for the Encyclopedia of Earth at .SOARA 05:19, 24 August 2009 (UTC)