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Why I am retired? Here is an example.

Problem Physics is an important article in a bad state. to improve it, one needs

  1. knowledge: I have it.
  2. wiki-skill: Others have it.

So neither me, nor the others can improve it. because I can make wiki-mistakes, and the others can make knowledge-mistakes.

Solution? No solution. Here is a list of what I have tried out.

  1. About four years ago, I became a member of with Wikipedia.
  2. I eventually found the tutorial and learned the basics.
  3. I needed knowledge to edit, so I started to study. I studied about 300 books and wrote some amazing books.
  4. I wanted to write for Wikipedia too. I still want to. but whenever I editted, I was reverted for this and that reason
  5. Then I was asked to read this and that FAQs, laws, policies, guides, help pages, ...
  6. Surprisingly, I was so eager that I actually tried to read it all. I thought it's no more difficult than 300 books.
  7. It was. I thought I would go straight and edit, then correct my mistakes. but everyone was much more tolerant about knowledge mistakes than wiki mistakes.
  8. I tried to make some friends. but I was hardly successful to avoid making enemies.
  9. I tried sister projects. It was the same. even commons were no place for my art.
  10. I tried to discuss this problem and give proposals for it in the strategy wiki. I even talked to some important people in the foundation. but it didn't help
  11. I tried to solve it right here: not to fear, go straight, solve every problem. correct every mistake I make. but for the first time I realized it's costly. I realized that I was spending a surplus of money doing all this. my friends got good marks, found a job, married, started their stocks accounts, ... I was studying more than all of them. but I didn't even get a good grade in the classroom.

"Wikipedia articles are edited collaboratively; you shouldn't think of it as a process you have to or should complete all on your own."

  1. Wikipedia is like a company that asks all the workers, lawyers, engineers, tradesmen, stockholders, and managers, to "collaborate" in marketing, designing, production and cleaning, regardless of their field of ability. a real "collaborative" company is where an engineer is only required to design, a worker is only required to produce, and a lawyer is only required to remove legal barriers.
  2. In Wikipedia the tools that a specialist needs to do his job are not specified to him.

I must be expected to write a whole Physics book to prove my knowledge. I must be bombarded with criticism about physics. I must be expected to provide knowledge and reliable source for Physics. I must be expected to review and rate physics articles, and give scientific solutions. but I'm not being expected what I can. I'm being expected what I can't. like learning all these policies and rules.

Final word I love reading Wikipedia, more than editing it. Especially if the rules are more important than the article quality. but if there is something I can do with my knowledge, let me know.

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